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Gardens are a personal creation, so I'll help others appreciate my garden by introducing myself on this page.

Night Of Love
I feel so touched by your love for me,
Like an angel riding on a cloud.
Whatever you do, the sweet things you say,
You always make me feel so proud.

The first night we spent together,
Ignited that spark in my heart.
Two naked bodies clung together.
Nothing could pull us apart.

First the soft gentle kisses
As you held me so tenderly.
Slowly our passion kept growing.
The hunger in your eyes I could see.

You lie next to me on the bed,
Your body as close as can be.
Then I felt the exotic rapture
As slowly you entered me.

So fulfilling was our love that night.
We knew our love was for real.
Our elated joy and ecstasy
Was very hard to conceal.

Now we'll have this precious memory
As long as we both shall live.
We'll share our sorrows and happiness,
And all the love we have to give

How I Got Started...

All apologies
Because I can’t promise you anything
I understand it but I can’t take your hint
All apologies
Because I’m unable to grant you your wishes
Even though we already had an agreement

I tried to show you my devotion
But I was overwhelmed by the frustration
I tried to give you my commitment
But I’m not use to dedication
I’m staring at a disturbing future
As long as I don’t free myself from the curse
Because I know I can’t carry on without you in the picture

I can’t go to the places you know
Because I can’t unburden my load
All the things I said were real
Even though they didn’t mean a great deal
All those words came from my soul
And it’s up to you to decide
Whether it is a plot or a joke

Take me out to the open field
Take me out of this invisible shield
I’ll try not to disappoint you
I’ll try to enlighten you about the truth
If only I can stop myself from running away
If only I can find a way
I wanted to tell you that
I’ll love you no matter what my conscious says...

A garden; Size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Plants

* Marigold
* Calendula
* Rhododendron

Favorite Gardening Quotes

"The tranquility of the garden is sanctuary for the soul."
- Sanford Williams