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Passion of true love

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Passion of true love
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On this page I'll include links to some of my favorite gardening-related sites on the web.

For example, I might include a link to the nursery where I buy my plants:

Dream come true

A feeling that is tender
A feeling that is new
A feeling that is gentle
A feeling appreciated by so few

A taste that is so sweet
A taste that is so wonderful
A chocolate that is rare
A taste that is evermore delightful

A touch that is so peaceful
A touch that is so kind
So delicate and soft
A touch that is scarce to find

A thought that is so passionate
A thought filled with such desire
A dream on a drifting cloud
A thought overflowing with a fire

A smell that’s electrifying
A smell that is so sweet
A strawberry with some cream
A smell that no-one can beat

A memory from the past
Something unforgotten
A memory with some lightning
A memory never rotten

luv one

Or I might include a link to a site with general gardening hints I find useful:

If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also, let me know about your own favorite sites!