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My cool pix
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Just 9 months ago our lives were not the same,
But one date and a kiss on the cheek lit our flame.
Once only friends, we showed no care,
We were looking for someone, who was always there.

If i could I'd whisk you away to a far off land,
We'd go to the beach and make love in the warmth of the sand.
If I could I'd give you the heavens above,
We would shine the light of the world with our love.

As the days go by, I am only complete with your kiss,
Should we part, the beauty you give my world I would miss
So light up my life with your smile and your laugh,
Tell me this is real and it will forever last.


Here's a picture of me working in my garden.

stan mom.jpg

Here's an example of my landscaping.


Here's another favorite garden picture.


Here's another favorite garden picture.